Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sunday Funday in DC

Blake and I had an amazing time on our staycation!  Sunday was another fun day where we got to do lots of fun and relaxing things around the city.  First, we went to brunch at a local diner.

 Oh so sweet and savory!  Blake's biscuit and gravy was delish!

Afterward we went to the Avalon.  The Avalon is a non-profit film center that opened in the District in February of 1923. 1923, people!!  That was like 64 years before I was even born!  Anyway, Blake and I saw the movie Hysteria with Maggie Gyllenhaal.  The  lead characters were a doctor and a feminist... does that sound familiar to anyone? :)
 The theater was beautiful!
 Afterward we strolled to a Starbucks for coffee and conversation.  Our first date, way back in September of 2006, was to a local coffee shop in Nashville.  We always seem to have the best conversation over caffeine!
 We came home and got cleaned up for a fancy dinner in Georgetown.  I bought a Groupon awhile back, and I waited 'til this weekend to celebrate!  Paper Moon in Georgetown was beautiful and delicious!  We had a great time!
 We ordered calamari, fettuccine chicken parmigiana, and a greek pizza with kalamata olives, mushrooms, cheese, and onions.  The food was really great!

 Finally, at the end of our night, we went to walk the Georgetown Waterfront at sunset.  I loved being out among people doing the same thing we were.  Blake even ran into a fellow third year medical student from George Washington University!
We also watched a little street performing family!  They were presh, and we sung along with them as they played!
Sunday was an amazing day, and it was a perfect end to our little vacation!
Congratulations again, Blake, for finishing Step 1 and starting third year clinicals in a few days!

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