Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Saturday of our Staycation!

Blake and I decided against traveling somewhere far away for vacation and instead opted for relaxation and doing things around DC that we don't normally spend the money on!  We call it Post-Step-1-Summer-Staycation-Summer-2012!  It's an epic name for an epic vacation!

On Saturday, after spending the whole day before running around a new city the day before, all we wanted to do was sleep in and bum around the city.  We had plans to visit the National Arboretum, but there was a ton of damage around the city, and we weren't 100% sure it was open.  Instead we opted for splitting a banana split at a local DC ice cream place that has gotten rave reviews... Max's on Wisconsin Avenue!
 The prices were a bit much, but not for a special occasion where we celebrate Blake being done with Step 1 forever!  If you want to visit Max's though, bring cash, because that's all the owner takes!
 Here's the before shot of the beautiful banana split that Blake and I shared.  It had butterfinger, mochachino, and blueberry cheesecake ice cream!  Seriously delicious!
 We watched the Olympic gymnastic trials while we ate.  Not many know this, but Blake used to be quite the gymnast himself!  He started competing when he was 5 and ended at 14 after an injury.  He even competed against several of the guys we saw on TV on Saturday!
the walls of Max's Ice Cream
After we ate ice cream, we channeled our sugar high into grocery shopping.  We decided to make some fun food for dinner.  We made delicious fajitas... And watched 3 episodes of Frasier, of course!
So colorful, right??
 Such a handsome fellow :)
That was our Saturday!  A very nice and relaxing day.

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