Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fourth of July in the Capitol!

We met a couple of my classmates at the National Mall for the Independence Day Parade on Wednesday.  We had so much fun!  True, the oven set at 400 degrees felt very similar to the DC heat, but still... a great day was had by all!
Blake and I found ourselves sandwiched between tourists from Georgia and tourists from North Carolina.  It was fun to be among fellow Southerners!  My accent came out to play a little bit, and Blake said "I'm fixin' to..." several times.  

me and Vicki!
 Afterward, Blake and I were tired and thirsty.  We made a pit stop for some fro-yo!  I got cake batter and Blake got banana cream and red velvet cake.  So good!
 We got off at our metro stop and did some light shopping.  I found some great deals!  We also enjoyed looking at some of the clothes that cost an entire paycheck.  Whew!

At home we made a pretty American meal of Vegetarian burgers, macaroni and cheese, and onion rings.  We finished up the meal with a delicious Blueberry Delight dessert that Blake made from his mom's recipe!

Hope everyone had a terrific 4th!

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