Thursday, July 12, 2012

Becca in DC!

On Friday, my little sister came to DC to see me!  Because of some great job perks (thanks, Mom!), Becca was able to fly up for free (though she had to wait on standby at the airport to see if a seat would open up, so we all held our breath until she got on the flight!).  I was so happy to see her!! So many exciting things are going on in her life, and being across the country from each other is just not conducive to late-night-sister-sleepover-gossip-fests.

With the space out of the way, Becca, Blake, and I were able to eat, talk, giggle (mostly me and Becca, not so much Blake), and hang out until the early hours of Friday morning.

On Saturday, it was HOT in the District.  Since she's been up here plenty of times, we decided to check out the neighborhood and hang out there instead of trying to do something touristy that would zap our energy.  Thankfully, our neighborhood features a great--and swanky--shopping mall!

We had so much fun exclaiming over how expensive their 'sale' racks are!

Flashback: When Becca and I were little, my mom would get a catalog from JCPenny.  We would open up the pages and take turns picking out which outfit we would wear on that page!  Think back about 15-18 years and that puts us squarely into '90s territory... There were lots of high waists, turtlenecks, and 'jorts' involved, if I do remember correctly :)

Saturday night, we stopped by a cook-out with some of Blake's classmates.  Blake stayed late into the evening, but Becca and I went home and indulged in some of that Blueberry Delight that Blake made!

Berry smoothies I made for us to enjoy!
Sunday afternoon came much too quickly, and it seemed like no time had passed before she was getting back on a plane.  She lucked out and got bumped to first class on the ride home (....g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s....)

I just love my sister!  And I got to play with her hair!  She used to hate it when I tried to braid it and try out different styles.  I feel like a lot of people find most desirable that which they don't have.  I know it's true with me.  I have thick, curly hair, and I've always loved Becca's silky, straight locks.  Besides, I already know what I can do with my hair.  It's fun to try out different things on her hair!

Anyway, thanks for coming up, Becca!  Love you!

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