Saturday, July 21, 2012

In Absentia: The Things You’ve Missed!

The summer is supposed to be a time for relaxing, but I’ve been just running like crazy!  So let's go over some things we have missed...

Starting with....


My cousin Brad--who's like a brother to me--drove all the way from North Carolina with a group from where he's working to attend the concert!  You can read his detailed summary here:

He was so fun to go with too!  This guy is a serial-concert-goer, which means we danced and sang and jumped around like crazy people!!
On the Metro on the way to the concert!
The whole group of us outside of the Verizon Center!
 Funny story... When Brad started working this summer, he realized that the guy above in the yellow shirt next to me is actually RELATED TO US!  I'm not sure how haha but it does reinforce the idea that Blake and I are probably going to have a red-headed child.  Between the red in my hair, the red in Blake's beard, and all the redheaded children on both sides of our family, the odds are ever in our favor ;)
 We actually had great, cheap seats!  We were behind the stage, but close.  There was a walkway around back where members of the band would perform, and plenty of screens around too!
 Robyn and Wolfgang opened, and I thought they were great entertainment!

 That, my friends, would be Chris Martin!
Man, the concert was seriously awesome!  We were all hoarse from singing our hearts out and dancing and jumping around.  We were also given bracelets when we walked in, and at various points during Coldplay's songs, the bracelets lit up.  Please please please watch the below video to get an idea of what the bracelets were like!  And Paradise was my favorite song of the night too, so you really must watch:
So the Coldplay concert was AWESOME, and I'm so glad Brad got me to go!  We went to bed late that night.  All 6 of our guests slept on our floor in sleeping bags haha!  Stay tuned for more In Absentia posts!

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  1. That was lifechanging. I'm so glad you came with us. I just dreamed that I was going again and was wondering what color xyloband I would get this time.. then sadly I woke up. Oh well. That memory is definitely a keeper.


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