Sunday, April 8, 2012

IronMed = Hardcore Blake

Blake informed me a couple months ago that Allen and Justin had convinced him to team up for a fundraising triatholon for their medical school.  It is aptly named "Iron Med."  Iron Med had three parts: a 750 yard swim, a 12 mile biking trail, and a 5k.  Blake quickly shotgunned the running portion, Justin called biking, and Allen did the swimming!

I, being the dutiful wife that I am, got up on Saturday morning with the sun to cheer on some of my favorite DC people (Blake included)!  I showed up just after this guy --->
began his swim.  It was a great day!  The guys did so well!

Here's some pictures!
 Above is Justin finishing up his 12 mile bike ride!!
 He tagged Blake, who did the last leg of the journey.  I like to imagine that the girl in the blue/pink in the foreground of the above picture is thinking, "look at that hottie running!" 
While we waited for Blake's return we got picture happy!

Steven, on the far left, ran all three legs of the Iron Med by himself and WON the entire competition!  He's seriously athletic! 
 Here comes Blake rounding the last corner before the finish line!!
 You can do it Blake!
 Team Serenity Now!  You go guys!

 Afterward, a bunch of our friends who competed got a hankerin' for IHOP, so we headed to Virginia to indulge in some highly fattening, artery-clogging deliciousness.  Below, you can see my delicious breakfast/lunch!
 When we got home, we studied until later in the evening.  Then, it was time to get dressed again for the medical school's Follies.  I wrote about my school's Law Revue.  Follies is the med school counterpart to Law Revue!
 We sat with a big group of our friends and laughed the night away.
 This is the best picture I got of one of Blake's professors on stage treating us to some '90s classics (some of my favorite music!).  I also managed to photograph that creepy girl in the corner.... Yikes!
 Some of Blake's classmates.
 The other side of me!  If you've been reading our blog for long, then you'll probably recognize those people!
What a wonderful last 'hoorah' before Blake and I race headlong into finals.  Yes, that was an intentional and extremely corny pun / joke.  Just rolllll with it.

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