Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Pre-Gaming!

I gave Blake his Valentine's Day present a little bit early so that we could really enjoy the experience.  I got him two tickets to the National Crime and Punishment Museum in DC!  It's a really cool museum, with lots of interactive exhibits.  Unfortunately it's not a free museum, so if we don't make the most of gift-giving moments, we might never have gone! 

Plus, Blake's been playfully telling me he's going to retire and write murder mystery novels.  So I viewed this gift as a way to encourage his dreams and aspirations!!

We started our evening at the Old Post Office for dinner and the Clock Tower Tour!
The Old Post Office is a great place to stop!  In this picture you can see the FBI Building, Smithsonians, National Archives, The Capitol, the roof of the Supreme Court building, and the roof of the Art Museum!
 The views were beautiful!  It was very, very cold though!

 As we left, we ran into a snow storm!  That's a slight exaggeration, but as we were walking to the National Museum of Crime and Punishment, it started snowing, and the wind was blowing really hard!  I'm fairly certain my skirt flashed half of DC!

We finally made it to the museum, and got our tickets, and started touring.  The tour started with some Medieval Times, and then morphed into Colonial Times, and then Pirates, and then hit up the Wild Wild West!

This was a gun shoot out, and there were little targets on different things that you had to aim for.  When you hit a target, it would make a noise.
This was Bonnie and Clyde's car (well, it's the car they used in two of the old movies about Bonnie and Clyde)!  Blake and I felt mighty old when we realized that we've already outlived both Bonnie and Clyde.  Where did the years go?!
At one area, we got to fingerprint ourselves using some new technology that is ink-less.  It spits out a card with your print on it, and your purported crime.  My crime was parole violation and Blake was contempt of court!
Then, we got to be part of a line-up!  I don't look guilty at. all.
Blake fits right in!
Next we toured some prison cells.  Blake is escaping!
This was a fun exhibit about tattoos and what they mean.  The tattoo I looked at was the number 13 1/2--the thirteen and a half  stands for 12 jurors, 1 judge, and a half-assed lawyer!  Hopefully I will not be the lawyer in that case in the future!
Haha Blake preferred this very manly cat in a bonnet tattoo.  At least we have our ink picked out for if we're ever booked!
Next, we sat on a Harley Davidson police bike!  This is the closest I've ever come to riding on a motorcycle!
He's a natural!
Here are heat-seeking cameras!  Blake and I are certifiably hot! Hot! HOT!
This was a really, really cool exhibit.  We got to simulate a police cruiser rushing down city streets to get to a car accident!  I think Blake and I both hit cars or pedestrians the first time we tried it.  I also managed to fishtail off the road and into a brick wall.  We both made it safely the second time though! 
Another cool exhibit in this area was a simulation on a huge screen with some type of gun.  Blake and I were in a police cruiser and we came upon a couple of dudes arguing.  One of them pulled out a gun and "shot" at us, so we had to open fire to protect ourselves and the other guy.  Blake and I wounded the culprit, so we passed our test!

Blake is passing the other test to make it onto the police force--5 pull-ups!  I only had to do 2 and I couldn't.  It's a good thing I'm training to be a lawyer and not a detective!

A mock crime scene!
There was a whole section on the Medical Examiner's office.  Blake knew all sorts of neat information from when he went to the local medical examiner's office for a med school class.

And finally,  here's Blake with Crime Fiction Writers.  I'm feeling pretty confident that he'll be up on that board some day!
Happy Valentine's Day, Blake!


  1. That looks like SO much fun!! I totally want to go! :)

  2. You should definitely do it, especially if you like crime shows or books! Derek and I had so much fun at the museum!


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