Saturday, February 11, 2012

Speakeasy Night

I had so much fun at my costume party last night!  The theme was a Speakeasy.  A speakeasy was an illegal establishment that sold alcohol during the Prohibition Era.  All the girls wore fun vintage flapper costumes, and the guys wore suspenders and fedoras!  We were in my friend's basement apartment, and we had a blast!  Here are some pictures of my flapper costume!  I had to work with what was in my closet, so I tried to go with vintage hair and bright lipstick to pull the costume together.

 Unfortunately, Blake has finals next week, so he was unable to attend.  I left my mark before I left though! Haha

 We had so much fun wearing our vintage clothes and pearls and playing games!
 I made some new friends too!
Me and Vicki!
 How cute do my friends look?!
 This was the doorway down to the basement.  I seriously wiped out going down the steps when we first got there!  The redlight and basement made the speakeasy feel very authentic though!
Hope everyone enjoyed their Friday night, in this era or an older one!

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