Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Instagram Envy

My phone is smart, and for that I am very happy, but I have a case of iPhone envy.  To be more specific, I just really want Instagram!  I do have some free apps that I've downloaded that make some pictures look cool.  Check out these gems I found when I dowloaded stuff onto my computer from my phone:
Little bro action time

Takes my Blake Studying Collection to a whole new level.

Supah Tall Cousins

Also, is it just me, or does Blake look quite charming in all of these pictures?  I especially adore the last one posted of him.
So, my envy for Instagram has waned ever so slightly now that I've seen my little camera's capabilities. I don't think I could convince myself to pay more for the fun just because I want to take cooler pictures! ;)


  1. I think that the pics from your phone look great!! :) I'm the same way... I'm too cheap to buy a more expensive phone!

  2. Thanks! Yeah I'm definitely too cheap to buy an iPhone. Maybe when the iPhone 14s comes out, I'll get one of the older models, like the original or second! That might be in my price range ;)


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