Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tasty Treats

So on Thursday, we had our first microbiology lab. This included plating e. coli, strep pyogenes (strep throat culprit), and swabbing for staph aureus from our faces to mention a few. Although slightly cool, this was not the highlight of my day. Upon immediate completion of my lab, and after a thorough wash job of my hands and arms, I stumbled upon a READ Poster (last year's example on link) unveiling in the hallway put on by our medical library (DML, the concrete fort that could withstand an atomic bomb attack ). However lame these READ posters may or may not be, we were all extremely thrilled! Why you might ask? It is because of the plethora of free Georgetown Cupcakes! Me being the closet fat-a** that I am totally capitalized on this opportunity and stuffed 2 in my mouth right then and there. Realizing, however, that this was a rare opportunity to each great cupcakes free of charge, I collected three delicious looking cakes of joy to bring home for Catie!
Me bearing my gifts!
All three of these had wonderful filling inside. One is key lime pie, one is coconut with a chocolate mousse filling, and the other is some kind of peanut butter chocolate thing with caramel filling.
This is my lovely wife enjoying her delicious treat!
Such choice filling!
The damage is done... as in diabetes is setting in!

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