Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Webcam Ponderings

Blake and I love to unwind at the end of a night of studying with an episode of Bones. Do you watch that show? I love it! It's our favorite genre of shows with the Triple M threat -- Murder, Mystery, Medicine.  There's often Law as well but that didn't fit into my M alliteration. Anyway, a little something for everyone! The show is often ridiculous too with what technology is able to do or what they can infer from situations... and the murderer always, always explains her/his actions in the end. That may sound like I'm being critical of the show, but believe me, Blake and I prefer the show exactly how it is!  It doesn't pretend to be a real life look into crime and forensic anthropology. It's a fun hour that always ends nicely. Thank you very much.

In the episode Blake and I watched last night, Bones and Agent Booth were able to tell who the recipient of an email was by logging onto the recipient's computer and turning on the webcam so that they could see the recipient sit down -- unaware that he was being watched! It was more than a little freaky!  I have a friend who always keeps her webcam camera covered with a piece of stiff paper. I have never asked, but I wonder if she saw that episode as well...

It made me wonder if maybe I should be more cautious about my webcam, but then I realized I would stop using it! And that would prevent pictures like this:

  You wouldn't want that now, WOULD YOU?

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