Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today, I finally succumbed to the sick that has been threatening me for the past few days.
Sore throat, runny and stuffy nose (how does that even happen??), nausea, upset stomach, sneezing, headache, flushed cheeks.
I am definitely sick.
As is often the case when one lives in close proximity (read: 500 square foot apartment) to a sick person, Blake appears to be coming down with 'sick' as well.
When I am in this sick state, I often wonder about the close distance between our nostrils and our mouth. That was too much information, and I apologize. But seriously. Also, I put on lipstick today (LIPSTICK) because my lips apparently have resigned their need of color. In order to look less immuno-compromised, I wore nice dressy clothes today. There were two reasons for this: (1) I can pretend I'm not sick so long as no one is within 10 feet of me since they cannot tell that when I breathe in my nose makes noises and I am walking a little crooked and my face is red and my lips no longer are distinguishable from the rest of my face and (2) sweat pants and sweatshirts do not qualify as business attire according to the DOJ.
Last year around this time, sickness descended upon our humble apartment in much the same way it is now. We beat the sick by curling up in bed and watching 6 (yes, 6) episodes of Veronica Mars in a row--leaving only to get more tissues.  Of course, this year, with Blake 's Boards Exam and with the ridiculously poor planning that I put into my semester (3 classes, 21 hour a week internship, journal, ADR board, note, etc.), neither of us have time for such Veronica Mars remedies.
Maybe on Friday we will don our pajamas ridiculously early and declare battle on the sick by valiantly risking our careers and collapsing on the couch in front of the tv. I will keep you updated.

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