Sunday, August 21, 2011

Blake and Catie's To-Do List

Today in church, I was pondering what I want to accomplish during my life with Catie. I started coming up with things I've thought about over the last couple of years. Here are a few of them:
1. Drink coffee at a local Seattle coffee shop.
2. Rent a cabin in the Rockies with a fireplace and a faux bear rug (very important!) whilst snowed in. I will accept Canadian Rockies as well.
3. Take a couples cooking class (this must be multi-sessional, one will not do).
4. Wine tasting class at a vineyard.
5. Own a house.
6. Learn to play violin so I can serenade Catie.
7. Visit authentic Europe (but where they have American food so that Catie doesn't starve).
8. Go to New York City and see a performance and stop by Central Perk (from Friends).
9.  Raise a child.
10. Be a patron of a Vermont Bed and Breakfast



  1. Out of the 10 things you listed, Tyler and I have done 3 of them!!!!


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