Sunday, August 14, 2011


The day after my birthday and one week before my second year was to start, I attended a week long Medical Education Research Seminar. Each day, we started at 8 and went until about 5 everyday, with homework and presentations to prepare each night. The goal of the seminar was to come up with a medical education research project with the help of some of the most established and successful researchers at GUMC and MedStar. It was an amazing week and I finally feel like I have some personal relationships with faculty here at Georgetown.

The weekend after that was filled with celebration for two reasons: it was my last weekend before school started and that Friday was Catie's last day of work! It was great!

This past week was extremely busy with the onset of daily classes and plethora of powerpoint slides to study. It seems as though this year is going to be busier than last... The good thing, however, is that the information is going to be incredibly interesting and a little bit more intriguing to study. Also, we've all already adjusted to medical school and know the routine so we're "prepared" for the extra work...

After a busy week, Catie and I have had an awesome weekend! I did some studying but also some playing, and cooking! Last night, I made a Philly Cheese steaks!

Hope next week is just as good as this one has been!

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