Friday, June 17, 2011

Back to DC...

I drove back to DC on Monday... It was sad to say goodbye after such a short visit, but I really made the most of it I think! On Monday before I left though, I did even more! We went out shopping with Blake. Dorothy and I acted as personal shoppers! We made a very convincing team I think because Blake got everything we suggested :) Then I made a collage online for Suzy and Marcus's wedding in July! I wish so much that I could be around more to help out, but I am quarantined in DC.  At least I can help a little! I'm excited to see the finished product!

On the drive home I listened to a book on tape called the Bone Garden.
I love love love listening to books on tape.  Obviously I prefer to read, but I'd rather listen to a book than listen to the radio for some reason.  I think it makes the time go by quickly, and it keeps me from getting worked up over the terrible, terrible DC drivers :) But there's also the repeating songs on the radio that get on my nerves or shuffling between different stations. Bleh. But a book... ahhhh... so good.

I started listening to books when driving long distances back in college. I was working about 30 minutes away from home and the traffic could get bad (well, what I thought was bad before I discovered how bad DC drivers are). I ended up listening to several classic books that I'd never read before like Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, A Separate Peace, and some others. Very enjoyable. I highly suggest it!

This one is about a woman who bought an old house and found a skeleton in her garden (hence the name haha). It goes back and forth between the 1830s and the present, and weaves together the story of the skeleton and the lives of the characters from the past.  It's suspenseful and pretty good so far, but I've still got an hour or so left to listen.

I got home pretty late and then brought in all our stuff! A late night, a long weekend, a lot of time in the car, but DEFINITELY worth it!

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