Friday, July 2, 2010

New Couch and Georgetown!

Yesterday our couch was delivered, and let me just say... the delivery fee was totally worth the price!  I watched the delivery men unload this hulking beast of a box and take it up the ramp into the building from the comfort of my dining room/living room/desk space/bedroom.  Then, they came straight to our apartment, unloaded the box, put together the arms and legs and back and cushions, and took out all the trash.  This took a total of about 10 minutes! 
Now Blake and I have a place to hang out and relax.  I love how we've got it catty cornered currently (couldn't resist the alluring alliteration!) because, from the couch, you can see the front door and the kitchen at the same time.  It makes our space seem very cozy!  And it's super comfortable! 
 Now there's a place for people to sleep when they come and visit us!  The little toy chest we're using as a coffee table is a wedding present from my sweet neighbors from when I lived in Oliver Springs.  They used to surprise my sister and me with presents for Christmas each year by stashing them in a box that set out on our front porch.  So for the wedding, they got Blake and me a toy chest in hopes that we would inspire and be inspired.  I love thoughtful gifts, both giving and receiving. 
We're trying to be creative about how to dress up the wall behind the couch.  Any ideas?  Maybe a tall plant of some kind.  I, however, cannot manage to keep plants alive.  Sometimes I look at them and they die.  So any other suggestions?


  1. I love it! It looks like it was made for your apartment since it matches your bookshelf and end tables.

  2. Beautiful couch and we really like the placement of it! Have enjoyed reading about you adventures! Steve just showed me how to comment on your blog. See you can teach an old dog new tricks. Dorothy

  3. Thanks to both of you! We really like the couch too! It completes the coziness of our apartment! I'm still searching for options on decor behind the couch. We've added some fun things to the walls that aren't on here yet, so that's been fun!


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