Saturday, March 19, 2011

5 Reasons Why I Love My Medical Student...

5. I am always up-to-date on my daily vitamin intake. When we sit down for dinner, Blake has at least three pills on my plate.

4. He actually listens when I say I don't feel good. I had a stomach ache last night after dinner and curled up in a ball. He seriously got out his stethoscope and listened to my stomach! It didn't make my stomach stop hurting, but it was very reassuring when he said he could tell my intestines were working too hard. Sometimes it's nice to know why I'm in pain.

3. He's my go-to guy for anything medically related that I learn in school. I am hoping to take Health Law or Law and Medicine next year, and you better believe Blake will be the source for a lot of my supplemental information!

2. I know so many fun and random medical facts. I get to see the fun class slides with pictures of random diseases without actually having to sit through a lecture.

And finally....

1. I get to witness the training of someone who is going to be a great physician. Blake's going to be the kind of doctor that people drive hundreds of miles out of their way to see (I'm a little biased but it's definitely true!). I get to say "I knew him when..."

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