Monday, December 27, 2010

Blake's Family Christmas

Blake and I traveled down from DC on Sunday, early in the morning, and got to Blake's home around dinnertime. We stayed from the 20th through Christmas Eve and had a blast! We worked on genealogy, looked through pictures, watched classic movies, cheered for Georgetown and Memphis during their basketball game, packed the area around the Christmas tree with gifts and goodies, ate Dorothy's great cooking, and relaxed with family. Overall, we had a great time. And what's a blog without pictures?? Here are a few from our time...
I love Christmas day... and I've had this fun outfit picked out since around October!
My brother-in-law, Marcus, and his new dog, Hank!
The Clan!
My favorite place to be... surrounded by presents! The big one was from Blake!
Dorothy made me this sweet book of Blake through the ages! :)
Blake's parents fueled our love for classic movies with 4 great ones!
Steve opening up a present!
Marcus is almost a home owner! And his gifts reflected the changed status!
I got Blake a book called 'Choosing Your Medical Specialty'
Yummy pear goodies made with love by Dorothy!
What a cute mother-in-law I have!
Blake and his dad's matching Georgetown Medicine Sweatshirts!
Marcus, Me, and Blake! A great Christmas!

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