Monday, December 27, 2010

Catie's Family Christmas

Blake and I on Christmas Eve! I was about to unveil the video I'd made for Mom and Dad!

Mom and Dad unwrapping the dvd I'd made for them on Christmas Eve! It was a success!
We woke up to a White Christmas! Beautiful!
I got to bust out my cute Christmas outfit again! Becca joined the fun!
I got Ben (my future astronaut brother) a book on Nasa!
Becca got Blake a ton of coffee!
I also got Blake a mug warmer! We've been putting it to good use!
Mom got us a mini food chopper (minipicadora!)
Becca made Mom and Dad a frame with their last name inside. They loved it!
Georgetown and GW car decals, courtesy of Dad!
The girls all got boots!
Blake bought me a Law Sweatshirt! What a sweetie
Dorothy made my parents some of the yummy pear preserves!
Becca bought goats and chickens for families in Honduras on our behalf!

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