Sunday, November 28, 2010

Taking a Break from Studying for cOoKiEs!

When Blake and I registered for wedding gifts, I took the job very seriously. I was all about making sure that everything we registered for was going to be useful and would fit into our apartment in DC. I did make one tiny exception... I really wanted cookie cutters! I have so many fond memories of making Christmas cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, so I registered for a set of them! Blake laughed at me for it, but was a good sport! And then John and Emily Pyle got us the cookie cutters! We made our second batch of Christmas cookies two nights ago, and added the sprinkles Dorothy got us! Who's laughing now, Blake?? :) 
So cute!
Hope you enjoy some random Apartment Cookie Fun images...
Rolling out the dough!

I'm still a bleeding heart liberal, I just accidentally made a Republican Elephant!
Blake had fun playing with different settings on my camera... this is a fun picture!
The sprinkles added tons of flavor and color to our cookies!


  1. Apparently the elephant within you wants to be known! By the way, "Santa" really enjoyed all of those cookies over the years!


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