Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Reports Show that DC Drivers Suck

Allstate Insurance came out with their "America's Best Drivers Report," analyzing which cities have the best and worst drivers in the country based on average number of years between car accidents.  As you may have guessed, big cities had a much lower average number of years between car accidents.  What you might not have known... Washington, DC is the worst!

I have always said the drivers here are horrible (if you don't believe I've always said it, I even allude to it in our Blogger Profile About Me section!), and now I feel justified in my complaints.  Incredibly, DC drivers average only 4.7 average years between accidents!

Blake and I have just entered our third year of residing in the District, but I'd have to know more about their selection criteria to tell you where we are in that range.

On a related note, our car--parked, unoccupied, and not hurting anybody!--was involved in an accident back in April:

Thankfully, a witness saw the whole thing and we called and reported it to the police.  Last Wednesday, the lady who (allegedly, but come on we all know she did it) hit our car had to go to a police hearing.  I'm still waiting to hear back from the hearing, but I'm hoping she finally 'fessed up!

Check out the report if you have a few minutes... it's really interesting!  It looks like the most dangerous city from mine and Blake's home state still maintains 9.4 years between accidents.

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