Monday, August 6, 2012

Blake is a Quarter Century Old!

Blake recently turned 25!  Where did the time go?  His birthday fell on a Tuesday, and I really wanted to throw him a birthday party.  I think it's important to celebrate on the actual day, but since he's in medical school, I decided to let it slide this year.

And it's a good thing too!  Blake came home late from work on his birthday.  He'd been in a number of surgeries that each lasted several hours.  Because he's the medical student, he often has the job of leaning over the patient and suctioning or holding spreaders while the physicians and residents do all the operating around him.  So Blake came home on his birthday dehydrated, hungry (no break for lunch), with aching shoulders, and a sore back.  I made a big birthday feast, and Blake was asleep on the couch -- I KID YOU NOT -- within an hour and a half of getting home.

We celebrated instead on the Friday following his birthday.  I sent several of our friends a party invite for Blake's Quarter Century Mustache Bash.

Information about where we live removed in case of stalkers ;)
We knew we were taking a risk by throwing a party since many of Blake's friends are also in medical school and have varying schedules.  Luckily, about 15 people were able to come and celebrate Blake's age advancement!  
 I  completely forgot to take pictures during most of the night until the very end!  All of these pictures were taken in the last hour of the party!  Haha

I filled that table with food for our guests, including: nachos with all the fixin's, cheesy rotel dip, guacamole, quinoa cucumber salad, and a pasta Caesar salad served in lettuce cups or on pita chips.  We also sang to Blake when I presented him with his brownies.  There were no candles because it completely slipped my mind, but half the guests were medical students, and it cannot be sanitary to blow on others' food, so I don't think anyone minded ;)
 We had a blast during the party, and I set up a station with 25 Fun Facts About Blake for party people to peruse as they got food.
 Under the 25 Fun Facts was a picture of Blake that I blew up and posted.  We played 'Pin the Mustache' after spinning our guests and giving them a stick-on 'stache.  I did pretty well (mine's the chin strap!), but Tiffany won by a hair (oh that pun was SO intended).
This was my favorite 'pin the stache' placement.  Just slightly off :)
 We had a great time hanging out.  We also had a mix of law school friends and medical school friends!  In truth, I was a little nervous about this aspect of the party.  Let's be real -- the medical school profession is generally pretty conservative and the legal profession, at my law school for sure, is generally very liberal.  With all the current issues swirling around, I was a little concerned the party could end in bruised toes, if you know what I mean.

By the end of the night, no toes were bruised!  Instead, we were all a little slap happy and took advantage of the stick-on 'staches I'd bought!
 Blake really got into them since his hair color matches them so well.  From afar, he's totally got a soul patch in this picture!
Allyson and Jesse came over too and stayed late to hang out with Blake!  It was past Davy's bedtime, but it did lead to a pretty hilarious/adorable moment in the party:
I love how proud Dad looks in the background!

By the time everyone left, we collapsed into bed and slept for an insanely long amount of time.  Blake doesn't usually have Saturdays off, but he did the following Saturday.  PERFECTION.  

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