Monday, June 11, 2012

That Time We Moved During a Tornado

Just over a week ago, Blake and I moved from our Wisconsin (avenue) property to our Connecticut (avenue) property.  We lucked out and the current tenant of our new place moved out a little early.  When Blake's parents got into town, we immediately were able to bring over some things and drop them off at our new apartment.  We also bought carpet to cover up some of the parquet, so we had that delivered before we even moved stuff in!  So nice.

On Friday, all we had left was our big items to get moved.  And we chose a time during a tornado warning for the District.  It poured and poured and poured on us!  To paint a picture, at one point, Dorothy was using the broom to sweep the water out of the UHaul while I stood with an umbrella to block out as much rain as I could!  The storm even knocked down some trees across the road!

Always an adventure.

Special thanks goes out to Steve and Dorothy, who were total champs and helped us move and let us use their car!  And on Friday, two of our friends helped us move during the tornado, and we really appreciate them too!

Moving generally stresses me out, and the additional bad weather meant I didn't take very many pictures.  Since there is a chance that we'll be moving again in just two years when Blake finds out about residency, it's probably best if I just move on and forget about all the trips and the expense of the UHaul and the rain :)

We got internet in our new place just yesterday!  Blake and I also had to buy new computers because his died and mine has been loudly threatening to die since Thanksgiving.  I haven't quite figured out how to work my new computer yet, and I'm still learning my way around the pictures.   So no pictures for now, but after the move, I'm feeling a lot more relaxed and bloggable!

Expect to see a lot more of me these next few days!

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