Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some Phone Pictures for Your Sunday Morning

 So dreamy, am I right?  Seriously.
 I made tofu for the first time in an asian stir fry with some vegetable egg rolls and a homemade ginger and soy sauce dressing.  ohhhh yeahhhh...
Ice cream cone on my way home from the metro.  A lady totally saw me take this picture of myself.  She smiled at my vapid narcissism.
Our new landlords love taking care of us!  They give us gum when they fix our stuff!  I've been busy breaking EVERYTHING over here so I'm never out of free gum.

See that guy over there? -->
Hardest working guy ever.  He's been sleeping like a rock while his brain tries to recuperate from all the knowledge that he shoves into it during the day.  USMLE Step 1 Licensing Exam?  Yeah, I'm talking to you!  Prepare to be aced.

Also, George Michael.

Arrested Development?

 Picture of me and my college President when I graduated a couple years ago.  We had matching bling.
 Check out that cool twist on a top knot!  I braided it and pinned it up!  I also look really bored.  I had to maintain a passive expression so if someone saw me taking pictures of myself I could play it off. Oh hey, Steve... just holding my camera up and pointing it at my head, but definitely not taking pictures of myself heh heh.
 Totally on a braiding kick!  I braided my hair in two and then pinned it up in the back to look cool.  It's kind of hard to see the back, but I'm not posting the other picture I took where you can see it.  SCARY FACE.

Summer sucks the life from my hair and infuses it with frizz and freaky waves.  It's quite odd.  I've been experimenting with more work-appropriate up-dos to get me through the summer months.
 Oh man, the free time to read and relax and watch TV!  And my library is two blocks from my new apartment.  I've been there like everyday!  There and the grocery store!  Because they're so close!  I'm so pumped about their closeness!!
Craigslist introduces me to new parts of the city when I go pick stuff up.   Here's a cool building I found while picking up stuff.

Fun stuff.  So that's what I've been up to!  How's everyone else enjoying the summer??

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