Saturday, June 16, 2012

Catch-up On Our Lives!

Hey bloggy readers!  Blake and I have been MIA these past couple of weeks, but this girl over here figured out how to upload pictures on my new computer!  Prepare yourself for a quick recap of what we've been up to!

First of all, big thanks--as I've mentioned--goes out to Blake's parents for coming to DC and helping us move.  Here's some of the things we did while they were hanging out with us in the Nation's Capital!

Be prepared... we did a lot of eating.  First up, we went to Cactus Cantina in Glover Park for some food from south of the border!
 We started out eating outside, but right as our food arrived, a storm rolled in.  DC has been hit with some storms lately... including the one that hit when we were moving!  I already wrote about that though.  Anyway, we finished up our meal at a nice table inside!
 Por favor, forgive the phone pictures.  My camera battery died right before the weekend we moved, so these are what we've got.  Speaking of batteries... the comedian Demetri Martin once said: I think batteries are the most dramatic object. Other things break or stop working, but batteries, they DIE. "Hey, man? Why aren't you listing to your Walkman?" "Can't, my batteries died in my lap this morning. They were so young.""

On Tuesday we received the keys for our new apartment.  Here we are about to enter for only the second time!  Kind of agreed to buy it sight unseen haha.  Well, "sight only seen for 5 minutes or so."

Scary eyes!  New apartments totally bring out our demons.

And since we were able to get into the apartment a little earlier than expected, we spent the night packing up boxes until the early morning with big plans to bring stuff over early the next day.

Wednesday was a busy day for Blake and his parents.  To give you an abstract version of what happened:





To interpret that abstract presentation: I made a call to a local carpet place to chat and was given a great deal on carpet, including delivery costs.  The catch was that the delivery person would be arriving at our new apartment in about an hour.  I quickly called Blake, who was studying like a good medical student with a looming licensing exam.

He jumped in the car and rushed over to the apartment.  His parents, who had been galavanting around the Capitol that morning/afternoon got on the metro and met Blake back at the apartment.

And then they waited.  Because the carpet delivery guy was exactly 3 hours later than his original estimate.  And possibly high, but we don't actually know that ;)

Poor Blake and parents.

Anyway, Wednesday and Thursday nights after the carpet debacle, we made several trips back and forth from our apartments.  It was fun to have full reign of both places!  Blake kept making jokes about our apartments in Wisconsin and Connecticut (Avenues...)

We went to a new restaurant near our new abode.  The place is authentic Greek and called the Parthenon.  The food was delish!

Various food pictures.
And then Friday was TORNADO MOVING DAY.

That morning I took off of work and hung out with Steve and Dorothy.  We checked out the National Cathedral while we still lived within walking distance of it.  We took pictures on Steve and Dorothy's real camera so this is the only picture I have to share with you today.

Thanks again, Steve and Dorothy, for coming and hanging out with us!  We loved having you.  Maybe next time we won't make you work so hard :)

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