Friday, June 1, 2012

Goodbye Apartment 835

Goodbye Apartment 835.

Goodbye apartment where Blake and I began our married life together.

Goodbye 500 square foot, cozy apartment.
 Goodbye apartment where Blake and I studied by the window.

Goodbye twinkle-light-strewn apartment.
Goodbye apartment with memories of parties and friends.
Goodbye awesome-rooftop-apartment.
Goodbye Russia-out-the-window apartment.
Goodbye 0 bedroom apartment.
Goodbye small kitchen with no dishwasher apartment.
Goodbye parquet-floored apartment.
Goodbye apartment located far from public transportation.
Goodbye apartment that collects dust like a Hoover.
Goodbye apartment that requires visiting friends to sleep 5 feet from our bed.
Goodbye apartment that often smells of the cigarette smoke of our upstairs, noisy apartment.

Thanks for the memories.  It's been real.
--Blake and Catie

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