Thursday, May 24, 2012

Book Mix-up

Blake always laughs when I get new law school books because


I don't really know why... they just do.  They come in either blue with red on the cover or red with black on the cover.  

It's usually not an issue, except today, when it was an issue.

See, I started selling my books on Amazon to make a little money and rid our studio of space-hogging tomes.  A person in Washington state bought my Property book recently, along with my Criminal Law book.  I diligently packaged up my books and sent them on their way from one Washington (DC) to another Washington (state).  Everything was hunky dory until I opened up the closet today and came face to face with the Property book.

"Aren't you supposed to be somewhere between Washingtons??" I asked my Property book.  My Property book did not respond, but I quickly put two and two together... my other red-with-black-book was not in my closet.

I SENT MY TORTS BOOK INSTEAD OF MY PROPERTY BOOK!  That poor, unsuspecting 1L.  He/she bought her books 2 months early, and he/she will be sorely disappointed when the wrong book is sent to her.

I sent her a super apologetic email.  I'm hoping she is a kindhearted soul.  But my hopes aren't too high since she is enrolled in law school! Haha

I kid of course, since I am only one year (!!!) away from being a lawyer myself.  Anyway, hopefully this matter gets resolved soon! And you best be believing' I'm going to double check myself before packaging up any more orders!

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