Monday, February 27, 2012

Law Revue

Law Revue is a show that many law schools put on in the spring around this time of the year.  The shows are full of satirical short skits and music videos.  My law school's Law Revue was on Saturday night, and it was SO GREAT!  I laughed until I cried!

But first...
Dinner and study date with my friend, Vicki!

We split a shake and grabbed a burger and fries before heading over to the show

At the beginning of the show, they had some funny stuff up on the screen.  Here were some of my favorite:
 The videos and skits were really good too!  They had lots of great law school jokes and even had some professors singing and dancing at the beginning!
The song "Come to My Lecture" with professors and the Dean!  It was a spoof of "Come to My Window"
A spoof of the Chicago Jail House Tango with 1L classes instead of crimes.
"The Hornbook Way" spoof of Lady Gaga's "Born That Way"
So blurry! The dancers were all wearing a shirt with one of the school's journals on it.  This was a song and dance to "Party Rock Anthem"
"Hipsters at the law school" skit
Afterward, we all headed out to DuPont Circle for a little bit before heading home for the night.  Overall it was a really nice break from writing my thesis (called a Note in law school), reading case after case from a casebook, and staring at my computer screen for hours.

In medical school, there's a similar program that Blake went to last year and really enjoyed.  They call theirs the Follies.  Blake couldn't come to Law Revue because of finals (two down, two to go!), but I'm hoping I'll be able to go see his program with them! Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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