Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Found My Phone!

I have been one stressed out chica these past 24 hours!  As I left my last class of the day, one of my friends zipped up my bag for me.  Little did I know, at some point during that class, my phone had fallen out of the pocket!  I realized it almost immediately, so I knew within which hour my phone had gone missing.  I talked to the teachers, I checked the lost and founds, I wrote on facebook, I g-chated my friends, Blake called it several times, I texted my own phone with instructions if found, I annoyed the lady at the front desk... Basically I did everything!  This school seems to be a black hole for lost items.  I've so far lost two coffee mugs and a different phone--vanished without a trace!

With no emails or return calls, I started to fear the worse.  This morning, I called it from a friend's phone for the sole purpose of seeing if it was still on, AND SOMEONE ANSWERED IT!

She actually was not very nice at all haha but I was elated to find my phone and skipped into the classroom where the girl was sitting!  I managed to restrain myself from hugging her, though I couldn't necessarily stop the squealing. I have no shame!
This is a most unflattering picture of me, but I think it adequately captures my happiness at the return of my phone!
So yesterday, I was able to attend a very fancy little dinner get together downtown with the college Blake and I attended in Tennessee!  I majored in Law Justice & Society (and Spanish).  One of the classes in the major involves a trip to DC!  It's actually where I first decided that I wanted to live in DC at some point in my life.  Coming to DC in February is so much different than coming in the summer when the place is filled with tourists.  I'm not hating on tourists, but the city has a different feel during the fall and winter months!

One night of the trip is a dinner with alumni and friends of the university.  I got to go last year too, and I loved seeing old friends and meeting new people who are interested in the same things I was in college.  There were about 10 alumni/friends, including lawyers, government employees, a member of Congress, and me.  The professors on the trip surprised me by making me stand up and talk to the room about my experiences and offer advice!  I felt distinctly unqualified!

At this point, I wish I could make you all salivate over the delicious meal I enjoyed, but because of my missing phone, I have no pictures to show you.  So, just let your imagination take over!

[Hmmm... a picture of a croissant stuffed with brie cheese on a bed of lettuce]

[Oooo... a picture of a crisp green salad]

[Yummmm... a picture of asparagus, homemade mashed potatoes, green beans, and flounder stuffed with crab meat]

[Oh myyyyyy... a picture of a chocolate mouse cake]

This post brought to you by the extremely emotional girl pictured above.  She's been cradling her phone for the past hour like it's some kind of technological newborn. I think that means she gets a pass on the weird post, right? Right.

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