Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Hit & Run

Today, I have sad news to report.  It appears as though our poor little vehicle has been the object of a hit and run.  I'm not quite sure how, but some car seems to have taken off our bumper!  Based on the amount of damage, it appears as though the driver hit our car pretty hard.  Most people would stop if they notice they've hit someone, but it seems like the driver felt his/her car hit our car and just pressed on the gas anyway!
 Of course, there was no note on our windshield, and no one has contacted us to 'fess up for hitting our car.  I even called the police to see if anyone had reported either witnessing the accident or hitting us.

The lady on the phone for the police laughed at me.  It was worth a shot, eh?
We did some detective work and checked for cars in the area with damage to their bumpers.  Can I just say that DC drivers have a serious lack of respect for their vehicles?  So many had damage to their cars, but none that we could match up to our damage.  We even walked down a nearby alley to see what we could see.  [Nothing]

Some days, living in this big city seems like too much work.
I'm also frustrated because Blake managed to save around $500 by foregoing some medical equipment that is technically required for his class.  We had just been talking about how frugal we've been over the past year.  Then, some jerk hits our car and we're forced to pay $500 as an insurance deductible to have our car fixed!

Anyway, if anyone wants to come forward and either confess to hitting us or tell on the person who hit us, I'm all ears!

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  1. Hey, Catherine and Derek! I'm catching up on your blog again (I only seem to have time between semesters). I'm so sorry this happened to you! :(


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