Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Random Thoughts

Recently, I've noticed something about myself...  Whereas I normally have strange thoughts throughout the day that can be kind of random, I have lately been cramming all those random thoughts into the time right before I wake up and right before I go to bed.

My theory is that law school is taking up too much time in the middle for fleeting thoughts, and my brain would explode if it didn't get them out at some point, so the body's natural response is to cram as many thoughts into my brain when it's the most restful.  This is not backed by science in any way ;)


"I wonder how many google searches have been done on which cheese is best for grilled cheese"

"Government contracts ... bids ... small businesses ... Halliburton ... NO, BRAIN, I SAID HALLIBURTON NOT HALIBUT.  Will I ever not associate that company with fish?"

"In modern intestate succession statutes [the statutes that determine who gets what money if the person who died has no will], halfbloods [half-brothers and sisters] are treated as wholebloods [both children have the same parents].  I wonder if Hermione would find this vocabulary prejudicial?

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