Wednesday, January 18, 2012

3 Random Things

1. I passed a new sign outside of an upscale boutique in Georgetown that said "End of Season Sale."  I can't stop thinking about it because this is the MIDDLE of January!  What season is this the end of??  It's the middle of winter, so it's not the End of Fall Season.  It's been nearly a month since Christmas, so it surely can't be the End of Christmas Season.  I'm baffled.  Anyone care to update me on which season I have missed??

2. In my Trusts and Estates class today, my professor was discussing wills.  This is a direct quote:
“Give, Devise, and Bequeath.  There’s something magical about ‘threes’ in the English Language... the Holy Trinity, Bacon Lettuce and Tomato...”

3. Blake just told me if I were a dog I'd be a labradoodle.  I think Blake would be a doberman. Roof!


  1. The "end of the season" is indeed the end of winter season in boutique retail. Mid-January marks the time that stores (hurting from the post-Christmas drop in sales) introduce a short season of "cruise wear" before putting out a spring line.

    1. Ah hah! Good to know! Cruise wear, eh? Too bad I'm not going on a cruise right about now... It's cold here today! Thanks for your informative-ness, Jeffrey!


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