Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Some Statistics from Labor Day Weekend

the number of hours free in our entire weekend

the number of weddings that Blake and I, collectively, were in


the number of miles Blake walked to find food while everyone else slept on Sunday morning

the number of wedding related parties I went to in one day (Nate and Brooke's cookout, Emma and Stacy's rehearsal dinner, Emma's bachelorette party) 

the number of hours spent dancing at receptions

the number of hours I (Catie) slept between Friday and Sunday night

the number of wrecks that Blake and I passed on the way back home to Washington, DC

the number of hours that Blake and I were on the road from Friday at noon when we left DC til Monday at 1 AM when we finally got back

the number of inches of rain in Nashville over Labor Day weekend (this is not true. But it did rain a lot!)
how much we love the lovely couples who got married and being reunited with friends!
Left to right: Evan McKee, Dave Kraft, Brooke Little Martin(!!), Nate Martin, MEEEE, Blake!

Not quite the whole wedding party, but all the Lipscomb friends! And of course, Emma and Stacy are the glowing couple in the middle

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