Saturday, April 9, 2011

We'll come back I promise...

Remember the good ole days where Blake and I updated on a regular basis? The glories of summer... Well, give me April, and I will be back in full force! I mean it--blogs complete with pictures, funny comments, cute stories. You. Just. Wait! It's going to be great! Until then, unfortunately, you'll just have to be satisfied with this little blog post and a quick update. 

Things that we'll be blogging about relatively soon:
-final semester of 1L year of law school
-Med War 
-Some exciting news
-New television shows that we're watching
-DC in spring
-Medical school adventures
-a waaaaaay over due really fun post about movies that Blake and I made but never published last summer
-My dad's trip to DC

And maybe more! Anyway, if you read this blog regularly, I apologize for how boring we are, but WE WILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU SOON! Until then, here's a couple of cute pictures of me and Blake! (I mean, isn't that what you want to see??) Haha

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