Monday, February 28, 2011

Law Review Submission!

Today marks the end of a very long week (though it was more than just a week) for this girl. I just turned in my Journal Submission to get onto a journal at the law school. What's a journal? Why is it important? Those are good questions that I have answered a lot in the past few weeks haha. So... a synopsis is in order. Law journals are scholarly avenues for academic publishing in the field of law. Think of it as a scientific journal that is reviewed by students if that helps. Articles are submitted to the school from law professors , judges, and practitioners all over the country.  Sometimes, students are published as well for their 'note' which is similar to a thesis paper (seriously, if someone had told me that I had to write a thesis, I might have rethought law school!).  However, I now know that I'll have to write one of these notes. When you're on a journal, you generally write a note about the subject of your journal.

So at my law school, we have 7 journals. To get on a journal is a pretty big deal. It looks great on a resume and it gives a lot of great experience with research and editing. 

So anyway, that background information was to say that the Journal Competition went down from Thursday night until Monday at 8 PM (about an hour ago as I write this). To get on a journal you have to compete in the competition at school. About 70% of your overall competition score comes down to GPA. The other 30% is the writing competition. My experience was ... intense! We got a packet of about 360 pages. There's a subject case and then other cases, blogs, journal articles, newspaper clips, and online sources to supplement the case. When I submitted my packet, I chose in what order I wanted membership. Only one Journal picks you. After they tally up the score, various journal representatives go into a room and choose members. There's not a lot of information floating around about this part (I think they enjoy the secrecy), but I've heard it's like a draft pick. I also don't understand draft picks, but there ya go.

The competition section has a citation, objective writing, and subjective writing component. They choose the weekend before Spring Break starts each year, and competitors will not find out if they made a journal until June or July or maybe even August of this summer! WISH ME LUCK!

Disclaimer: I'm sure this post is extremely boring to most people, but you never know what interested pre-law or law school friend will read it and be grateful for the knowledge! Plus it's like all I've been talking about these past few days.

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