Monday, February 21, 2011

Because I lose things often...

I have been very unfortunate with holding onto my Starbucks Coffee Cups for too long. I seem to leave them places, and as soon as I go back to get them, they're gone! For example (this is a terrible story, I can't believe I'm about to share this), one day I left my beautiful cup in a classroom after a meeting. The next day it was nowhere to be found! But I didn't go coffee-less that day because Blake was kind enough to let me use his since he wouldn't be using it that day. And guess what I did... Yeah, I lost his mug THE VERY NEXT DAY! It had completely vanished from where I'd been studying the day before! I checked lost and found, but my guess is that some law student out there lucked out and claimed it for his or her own.

I got a new one for Christmas (thanks Steve and Dorothy!!) and I am absolutely NEVER going to lose it. I've decided. And to aid in my determination, I developed a fool-proof plan!
I put my name on it in super girly print complete with purple and polka dots! Also, closer to the bottom, it says: 'If you find this cup, please email [my email address]'

That's pretty good right? Who would steal it? And who wouldn't feel a teeny bit guilty about not emailing me if they do find it?! I've also been very cautious about leaving it anywhere, so no one's had to use my email method yet, but I hope that if that day ever comes, I'll be able to regain my cup!

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