Thursday, April 4, 2013

Our Trip to Baltimore

Derek and I had such fun trip last Saturday up to Baltimore.  We may be one of the only people in the world who tours hospitals when we go on vacation! :)  We wanted to check out Johns Hopkins Hospital while we were up in Baltimore.  Obviously we're not making any big plans, but it's good to check out our options!  So we've toured University of Pennsylvania and Johns Hopkins University Hospital, so only about a thousand other hospitals to get to next!
 How gorgeous is this building??  And with my sweet-awesome-graduation-present-camera, it looks even better!
These are all pictures that we chose not to post on Facebook haha.  But we wanted to share them!
 Baltimore ended up being much cuter than I remembered!  Here's the skyline.
 Seriously such a pretty hospital!
 It was awe-inspiring to walk the halls of Johns Hopkins.  So many medical discoveries and procedures happened at Johns Hopkins first.  I also learned that a year after the medical school was founded, several women got together raising money to help fund the medical school--with the stipulation that women be admitted.
Anyway, it was a great trip!  Maybe we'll end up there this time next year... For now, we're enjoying this time period in our life where we could end up almost anywhere when Derek opens that envelope on March 21, 2014!

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