Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Bubbles" the Cat

Dorothy sent us an email a few minutes ago telling us that Young Williams Animal Shelter called to ask about "Bubbles"the cat!  Since I haven't done a purely Brennan cat update in awhile, here's some stuff going on in her life!  It'll be like an entry into "Brennan's First Year [with the Allisons]"
-Brennan LOVES music.  When we play it over the speakers, she jumps onto a little perch and takes a nap near the speaker.  Derek picks up his guitar a lot and strums some tunes, and she always makes her way over to him to listen to him play.
"I'm quite the music critic."
 -She's gotten into the habit of meowing insanely every time she hears our alarms go off on our phone.  We feed her first thing in the morning, so she knows we're getting up and getting her breakfast!  Last Saturday, she got right up in Derek's face as soon as the alarm went off!
-Our cat is really playful!  I thought an older cat might be less playful than a kitten, but Brennan loves to play with her toys.  She likes it best when we make her run around the apartment to get to the toy.  She also does this really adorable wind up where she shakes her bottom in the air right before pouncing!
 -Brennan has been really good with all our furniture.  She really doesn't like our leather couch (yay for us!), and I've never seen her jump up on it to sit with us.  She stays on her little palace that my dad made for her for Christmas most of the time.  It's got a little seat for her at the top that she loves to nap on.  We have it set up right by the window so she can get a little sight seeing in during the day!
Even Brennan thinks we take too many pictures of her!
Hope you enjoyed that little recap of what our cat has been up to!  She's been so much fun to have in our apartment.  It's nice to have a little creature waiting by the door for you every time you walk in the door!

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