Friday, February 1, 2013

Our Fantastic Day

This morning, Derek and I worked until 11:30 AM-ish.  I did some work at home, and Derek took his Psychiatry Shelf that recaps his past month practicing psychiatry at Georgetown.

As soon as Derek got home, we embarked on a giant date day, and had SO SO much fun!

First Stop: Bread and Chocolate

This is a really cute place about two blocks up the street from us that we've been planning on patronizing for awhile.  We showed up around 11:30 and tried some fun foods.  I got a chicken empanada (the closest dish to the camera lens) that reminded me of some food that I got from a cute little hole-in-the-wall in the Dominican Republic.  Delicious!  Derek got a savory ham & swiss Pfannkuchen.  It's a type of ham and swiss wrapped in a crepe served with hollandaise sauce.  Yummy!!

This guy was great company! 
Second Stop: The Avalon Theater

Next, Derek and I meandered to the historic Avalon Theater for a show at our favorite oldest-theater-in-DC!  We though Silver Linings Playbook--a story about two people with some mental issues--would be a great capstone to Derek's psychiatry rotation!!
 We LOVED the movie!  We kept talking about it hours later.  That's the sign of a good movie for us!

A drawing on the top of the ceiling in the main theater.
Third Stop: TV Stand

After our fun movie, Derek and I decided to shop around for a TV stand.  We've been using a china cabinet for awhile, but we finally decided to upgrade to a piece of furniture that was actually made for a TV.  We got a great deal!
It looks so nice in our living room!  I found the deal on Craigslist from a couple in Maryland.  They bought the stand from IKEA a couple months ago but decided to move shortly thereafter.  They spent around $200 and sold it to us for less than $50!!

Last Stop: Chili's and Back Home

While in Maryland, Derek and I hit up a Chili's and enjoyed our 2 for $20 fried cheese and entrees!  I got chicken fajitas and Derek got chicken crispers.  It was delicious (but unpictured haha).

We got home and enjoyed our new entertainment center and our adorable cat!  Hope you all enjoyed your Fridays as much as we did!

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