Friday, January 4, 2013

Visitors in DC!

Two of my favorite people in the world came and visited us in DC on Friday and Saturday, December the 21st and 22nd!  Becca and Riley arrived around dinnertime on Friday night, and Derek and I were thrilled to have them visit!

I made quinoa black bean burgers and homemade mozzarella sticks for dinner.  After dinner, we went to Zoolights again (I told you Derek and I went twice this year!).
Becca and Riley in front of the Zoo.
Me and Derek!
Inside one of the exhibits at the zoo were gingerbread houses with a zoo theme!  They were so cute!
 We also found a slightly creepy panda bear, and I demanded pictures!
 And I saw that it was good.
 Becca and I took pictures in front of the purple and gold trees to show support for Lipscomb colors!
 Riley came to see the seals he said.
 These two cousins of ours were holding feet while they slept.  Adorable!

The next day, Derek and I had to run and do some Christmas shopping in the morning.  Meanwhile, Becca and Riley toured the city and saw some fun sites.  Afterward, we picked them up near the National Mall and we drove to the White House to see the National Christmas Tree!
 Around the National Christmas Tree were individual state trees.  We quickly located Texas (for Riley) and Tennessee.  There were a lot of people, so we wanted to get back home soon.

grainy picture alert!

Derek and I drove all day on the 23rd to get to Chattanooga for Christmas.  Becca and Riley went to Philadelphia for an Eagles game and met us in Chattanooga late on Christmas Eve to spend a day and a half with the Lynns.  Goodbye DC hello Tennessee!

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