Friday, January 11, 2013

Dr. Temperance (Bones) Brennan Allison

As you may remember, my Christmas present to Derek this year was a cat!  It was really important to me to let him choose our new family member though.  While we were in Knoxville, Derek, me and Dorothy hit the road to find the new Allison.  We visited a PetSmart, but ultimately struck gold at an animal shelter called Young Williams.

When we walked into the cat room, I immediately noticed several kittens.  Derek, however, immediately went to a cage in the corner with an older tabby cat in it, named Bubbles.  We looked at a kitten named Tator, and two sibling kittens named Holly and Mistletoe.  Derek kept coming back to Bubbles though.  Young Williams had rooms in the back to take the potential pets to see how they reacted to their potential new owners.  Derek immediately requested Bubbles to see if she would be a good fit with us.
 She was perfect!  We knew almost immediately that we were going to take her home!  The shelter estimated that she was about two years old.  She had the sweetest disposition in the playroom, immediately rubbing up against our legs and purring loudly.  She even sat down in my lap!  It was pretty close to love at first sight!  We played with a few other cats, but all three of us felt pretty connected to Bubbles, so we claimed her!

Derek and I discussed what her name would be for the rest of the night.  Originally, we thought of naming her after a famous female lawyer or physician.  Ultimately, we fell in love with the name Temperance Brennan, based on a character from a show that we watch.  We've even been calling Brennan by her nickname--Bones.  I think the name suits 'Bubbles' well :)

The next day, we got to bring her home to meet the rest of her Allison family!

 Once we decided to adopt her, we went to PetSmart and picked up some essentials.  Most important, I got her a santa hat and scarf because I love dressing up pets!
 Did Brennan love it?  Maybe her face in the picture is some indication!  Haha she was a good cat though for the pictures!
 Brennan has beautiful green eyes!

You may be looking at next year's Christmas card ;)
We have had Brennan in DC for almost a week now, and she's making herself at home.  She's a sweetie!

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