Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas with the Lynns

 Derek and I had an awesome visit with my parents, cousins, brother and my sister and her fiancĂ©.  Here are some pictures and commentary from our Christmas in Chattanooga.
Each year I have made my parents a photobook from the previous year.  This year, Becca was in charge of the photobook and she did a great job!  
My dad ran his first half marathon this past April.  He's gearing up for a full marathon in 2013, and he got this little device to help him run during the winter! 
 I got Derek a surprise cat for Christmas!  We'd been going back and forth on whether to get one, and the last time we talked we decided the cost was just too much to justify a cat.  The adoption fees alone were $125!  Around Christmas time, Derek's parents and my parents were asking about things to get him and I was thinking about it too, when it hit me that we could really off set the price of the cat if we used Christmas presents!  Derek and I ended up with many cat-related gifts, and we even ended up getting the cat for free (more on that later!!), so it was definitely a good move!  And Derek loved the gift.
 I thought about getting Derek an actual cat, but I decided that he needed to be the one to choose the cat.  So I wrapped up this beanie baby in a box and put it inside a cat carrier that was also wrapped up.  My dad captured the following pictures as Derek realized he was receiving a cat for Christmas:
Opening up the inner wrapped box.  Derek had just pulled the cat carrier at his feet fro the bag at my feet.
realizing what the cat means! 

the cat scratcher that Ben and Dad made for Derek.  I provided the carpet and helped put it together!  My dad gets 90% of the credit haha.  
Becca and Riley
I got a Public Library to add to a Christmas village display!

Granny Bettye 
It was a great Christmas overall, and we had such a good trip!  We got a lot of things we needed and quite a few things we wanted!  That plus a lot of good family time is really all you can ask for :)

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