Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Vacation in Knoxville

I realized I didn't take very many pictures of our time in Knoxville :(  I think we took a lot of pictures of Lucas and a lot of other pictures on the Allisons' camera, but I don't have much to show (picture-wise only, of course!!) from our time in Knoxville.   We had a really great time, all 7 of us, eating together, watching TV in the evenings, chatting, and doing some post-Christmas shopping.  It was so nice to have everyone in the same room!  Lucas was a doll and always the center of attention! :)

Derek and I also had the opportunity to go out with friends in the area.  Derek got to hang out with David Bearden:
 And I got to see these girls from high school:
Melissa, Pamela, me, and DeAna!
I see my friends from high school about once or twice a year on average.  I actually saw them twice this  break, and I will likely see them again at a wedding of one of the girls who is not pictured (we'll see how the job situation is before I send in that RSVP haha)!

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