Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Visitors from TN!

I had a couple of visitors come to DC last weekend!  I was in between my first and second final, so I couldn't hang out with Summer and Danielle all day, but we did get to go to dinner together and spend some time catching up on two evenings!  They also came to see Jake, a friend of ours from college who moved up here in August to start grad school at American University.

We met up at the Capitol South Metro Station in Southeast to walk around and catch a bite to eat last Saturday night.  On Jake's friends' recommendations, we went to a place called Matchbox.  As a testament to its deliciousness, we waited for AN HOUR to get a table for dinner at 7:30 PM!  Matchbox was a really fun environment.

The weather had been unseasonably warm, so we sat outside while we waited for a table to clear.
Oh the food was delicious too!  We split two large pizzas: A prosciutto, Kalamata olive, and white sauce pizza and a chicken, Portabello mushroom, red sauce pizza.  I loved the salty white pizza!

 It's so nice to see these girls!  The last time I saw them was in May when Becca graduated, and I was in Nashville.  I'm also happy Summer made the trip to DC because she's starting a Masters and possibly a PhD program in Oklahoma City in January!!

You may notice Derek missing from these photos.  He was on-call at the hospital until 9:30 PM that night :(.  The next day, we went over to Jake's place to hang out before Summer and Danielle left the District, and Derek got to come then!  Plus we all talked to Evan McKee over the phone, which was really bringing back the Lipscomb memories!  I really miss the friends we made at Lipscomb, and I love when they come see us!

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