Monday, December 10, 2012

Georgetown v. Tennessee Basketball Game

I got food poisoning on Thursday night (BLECH!), so I was out of commission all day on Friday.  It actually ended up working out ok because Derek and I bought tickets to see Georgetown play Tennessee in a basketball game at Verizon Center on Friday night.  True, I planned on studying all Friday morning instead of lying around sick, but I'm just glad I was still able to use the tickets!
 Here's some snapshots of our evening!

They also gave out "Flair Hair" which was really fun to rock!
Tracy, Jeff, Brian, and Derek

Stephen and Charla!
Student Section!
 Ahhh I've missed that orangey-yellow color!
 The whole group of us!
Jeff, Tracy, Brian, Stephen, Charla, Cat, Derek, and me!  Excuse the scary red eyes!
Rock that Flair Hair, Jeff!
 Afterward, the group of us took the most circuitous route ever to get to a frozen yogurt place about a block away from where we started.  We did get to walk through this adorable place:
 Overall, a fantastic night!

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