Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas Party!

Friday was supposed to be my last day of finals.  I had a paper I was determined to turn in by 5 PM, despite the deadline extension, because I was ready for Christmas 2012 to begin!  My brain, however, had a different idea.  It was all "Hey, I know!!!  Let's give Catherine a migraine!"

Derek and I got to babysit this cute little dude Thursday night!
Me and my neurons are finally back on speaking terms after a 3 hour nap in a dark room, but they totally ruined my paper plans.  I do have to say I totally dodged a bullet though.  Can you imagine taking a three hour final (100% of my grade!) with a migraine?  At least all I had was a paper with no hard deadline!

I was also worried that I was going to have to skip our Christmas party that night, but I woke up ready to party!  And here's some pictures:

so cute with their matching sweaters ;)

Ladies, try not to swoon over how cute this guy is with a kid.

 Below is the result of our Gingerbread House contest!  We were broken up into groups of three, randomly selected, and then we drew a theme.  The theme was "Monuments Around the World... At Christmas!"  Here's the winning team's gingerbread house:
Those Eichners are 2-0 for gingerbread house contests!  Impressive stats!
Close up of the Great Wall of China!
 Here's Derek's team!  They also recreated the Great Wall of China.
Very impressive handiwork and use of coconut for snow!
 Finally, here's my group!  The Catherines and Stephen!  Do you recognize our Christmas monument??
It's the Pyramid!  And the Sphinx!

It's been a long time since I made a gingerbread house.  So fun!  Now back to this dang paper!

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