Monday, November 5, 2012

Halloween in the District

A few days late, here are some pictures and commentary of my favorite holiday around the District.  I shared that I advanced to the Sweet Sixteen in a big competition at school (I competed today and made it to the Quarter Finals!  My partner and I did not advance after that round, but we both made Moot Court Board so we're happy with how it went!), so I had to work on Halloween.  This may be the first time EVER I haven't dressed up for Halloween.  I'll have to make up for it 100x next year!

First up, let's tour the law school for Halloween decorations
Witch booties

They had a pumpkin decorating station.  I took this little darling guy home with me!  And yes, that's White Collar Crime my professor in the background.

Around our neighborhood were some cute Halloween decorations as well:

Finally, on Halloween day, after working until 10 PM at the law school, I decided to take a bus home instead of the train because I figured the timing would work out around the same.  I forgot that the bus route goes through M Street in Georgetown--which is where the biggest Halloween gathering in the District takes place!

Hope everyone had a happy Halloween!

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