Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Funny Story for Your Almost Thanksgiving

In DC, your car must be inspected every two years.  Unfortunately, DC has but one location for this inspection.  They open at 7 AM, and the wait is always so long.

On Tuesday, Derek was in charge of an interest group meeting at noon for the Pathology Program at Georgetown, so he had the morning off.  My classes had been cancelled, so I also had the morning off. With the due date for our car inspection looming over us, we knew Tuesday had to be the day!

I drove and we got there at 6:30 AM, snagging a great spot in line.  Derek leaned his seat back and was asleep within a few minutes, so I pulled out my phone and opened Netflix to watch an episode of a show called Parenthood while we waited.

At one part in the show, Zeek, a guy in his 70s who seems to be in good health, is telling his son that he went to the doctor and was taking Warfarin because he had ....

[Derek suddenly rolls over and says "A FIB!"]

... a condition known as atrial fibrillation.

Oh Derek--diagnosing pretend patients in his sleep--and nailing it!
All that studying is clearly paying off.

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