Thursday, October 11, 2012

This was supposed to be posted like a week and a half ago... but here it is late.

I am currently sitting in an airport in North Carolina awaiting maintenance to give the all-clear on my flight to Chattanooga!  I hardly ever get to make these during-the-school-year trips to see family, but I am happy to have the opportunity this weekend to be here for the Third Annual Lynn Family Camping Trip!

It's going to be exciting stuff!  Also, I'll finally get to meet Becca's boyfriend, Riley.  Oh, did you think I've already met him?  I understand the confusion, since he's no stranger to the blog...
That's actually just a picture of him.  I named him Flat Riley.  I'm looking forward to meeting 3D Riley.

I'm also pumped to see my parents, cousins, and siblings!  It should be fun!

I also interviewed with a federal judge today for a clerkship opportunity after I graduate!  I think it went really well.  I really liked chambers and it would be suh-weet to land this gig.  There's only one opening though, and I believe the judge has done two weeks of interviews, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up.  We'll see!

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