Friday, September 14, 2012

Travel Town

I come from a really small town.  Like... it's so small that Google Maps doesn't have images of it yet. No joke.  There are some perks to living in a small town, for sure, but I love living in a big city for lots of reasons:

1. Book/Movie Popularity

Admit it... everyone gets excited when they're neighborhood shows up in a movie or book as the setting!  It's a little more special when you're from a small town.  My [original] hometown was the setting for the movie October Sky back when I was in 4th grade, and I'm pretty sure we're all still chattering about it!  (And to prove it, I shall tell you a story... about how my dad is a movie star and totally was cast as an extra in the movie!  In the scene where Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Cooper go set off the rocket, look for the tall blonde in the blue cardigan!  That's my dad!!!!).  

Living in DC has been really fun because of the number of books and movies set near us.  I love reading "they turned right up Wisconsin Avenue to avoid M Street at night" because I DO THAT TOO! So cool.  And the show "Bones" is set in DC and they're always showing pictures of the Capitol or the FBI building, and I used to work right nearby!

2. Job Opportunities

Throughout law school, I have had the opportunity to work for a public interest legal services organization, for the government, and for a private sector law firm.  {Now soliciting offers for full-time employment -- feel free to hire me if you're reading this}

Blake has had quite the variety of experiences as well.  In fact, he's been working at hospitals in three different states (I am aware that the District of Columbia isn't a state, but you know what I mean!)

3. Travel Town

I love living in a town that people visit independently.  I've had so much fun hanging out with friends from Tennessee who were on vacation or working in the area.  Speaking of which...
...My dad {le movie star} was in town the other day!
 We ate from food trucks at Farragut Square--a popular little park near where I work--on my lunch break and topped off our meal with some frozen yogurt!
View from his hotel window.  Pretttty.
So that's what I'm enjoying about living in DC for the moment.  There are other things that I love and other things that I hate, but that comes with the territory [no pun intended].

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